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    Salesforce Contact Owners Tokens

      Help please! I can't get my contact tokens to pull in the correct information from Salesforce for an upcoming email blast. 

      Within SFDC, all of the people I need to send this email to have been loaded as CONTACTS. The list is split between two sales people (who are listed as CONTACT OWNERS).

      My goal is to have one email that automatically populates the assigned sale's persons contact information for each recipient - but I just can't get it to work! :(

      Currently, this is how my email is set up -

      Since there aren't any Contact Owner tokens ("contact.contact owner..."), I've set up the dynamic areas of the email using "lead.lead owner..." tokens:
      •           From Name: SFDC Lead Owner First & Last Name
      •           From Email: SFDC Lead Owner Email Address
      •           Reply-to: SFDC Lead Owner Email address
      •           Signature in Body of Email: SFDC Lead Owner First Name, Last Name, Phone Number & Email Address
      Also, for the email recipients - I set up a smart list that pulls from SFDC (Filter = Member of SFDC Campaign).

      Obviously, since this isn't working for me, my set up is wrong, but I can't figure out how to fix it and I've been at this for hours.

      Can someone please help/provide some guidance???

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          Hey Lauren,

          First, Marketo views Contacts as Leads, so when you are referencing the Lead Owner for your information, you are doing the right thing. Secondly, how do you know that it is not working? Are you going off of test emails? You can reference a particular list in the Email Previewer. This will allow you to preview the email exactly as it would look if you sent to them. You can also send yourself a test from the viewer and will show the same information. If you send yourself a test from elsewhere, the tokens will show the default values.

          Can you send a screenshot of your Flow Steps?
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            A screen shot of your email template in edit view would also be helpful.
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              Hello! I ran a few more tests this morning and it looks like everything is working correctly now. (YAY!)

              Thank you SO much for the quick replies!!!