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    One Program, multiple entry points

      I think I may know the answer to this but would love the thoughts of the community.  Lets say I have a strong resource like a whitepaper that I want to promote through various channels (email, online advertising, social, blog etc...) and lets assume that the content of the landing page and form remain unchanged across channels, since each channel tracks different progression status' should I be creating multiple programs in order to properly track the success of each channel?  I am pretty sure the answer is yes but would love your thoughts?

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          Hi Jason,

          Yes, absolutely. You don't have to clone the asset to do so either, but if you keep it in one "Content" channel program, you won't get any Success metrics on your other channels... Email, Online Advertising, etc. It will result in multiple programs getting credit for Success for the same asset, but you can analyze First Touch and Multi Touch attribution to distinguish.

          If you do not use multiple Programs to reflect every channel, your Program Analyzer will be less useful since it won't show you the ROI of each Channel compared to others.

          Hope that helps!
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            You could create different programs with only triggers in it. The landing page would only need to be in one of those programs.