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Top 50 List

Question asked by Mark Farnell Expert on Jun 11, 2013
At the end of each week I want to create a top 50 list of leads by lead score in a certain lead status, owned by a specific individual.  This is my calling list for my telemarketing team.  There would be one list for each person.  As the status is chnaged from the status defined in the list, the lead is removed from the list/program/SFDC campaiagn.  At the end of the week I want to remove everyone from the list and add back in the new top 50.  So I can create a single program, removing and adding leads, linked to an SFDD campaign, so my TM team always have a single view of what the top 50 are.

Anyone done anything like this?  The bit I can't really get my head around is identifiying the top 50 automatically.