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    Integrating badge scanners at events with Marketo

      Does anyone have experience integrating badge scanners at events with Marketo?

      We would like the ability for scan people that visit our booth and upload directly into Marketo.  Has anyone had success with this? 

      I plan to download the Marketo event app, but I believe that requires manually selecting a lead from an iPad vs. scanning their badge.


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          Great question--I would be very interested in the response. Our trade show team recently went through a technology re-evaluation. I pitched Marketo for lead input, but we got hung up on the scanner issue. If there was a scanner integration for the event app, that would be perfect for us. (And probably pretty economical, since we're already paying for Marketo.)
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            At least in my experience, no two shows use the same type of lead scanner, so unless the provider offers some sort of direct integration with Marketo or CRM, you will have to rely on them to get your data. At the Marketo conference, we received a download a couple of times a day with people from our booth; we immediately deduped them in Salesforce and added them to a nurture campaign in Marketo. Not real-time, but pretty good I think!