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Tracking clicks on links in a PDF file

Question asked by 33629 on Jun 12, 2013
Hey guys,

Looking for some suggestions here.

We have a PDF file that includes a number of different links - some to pages on our website (Munchkin tracked), one to a Marketo landing page, one to an email address, and quite a few to 3rd party websites.

We would like to track all of this activity - if a user clicks one of these links, we'd like to know which one it is, and who.

We will already have them cookie'd from an initial email out that offers the PDF for download.

Our initial thought is to either:
1/ build landing pages for each link and include a piece of Javascript for a 0-second redirect, meaning the user will go through to their intended destination and Marketo will record the page view OR
2/ build pages on our website with Javascript redirect, so that Munchkin records the Page visits and reports them back to Marketo

Obviously both of the above are fairly similar, and both time consuming (around 30 links involved total).

Any thoughts would be appreciated!