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How to add Marketo landing page domain to Google Webmaster tools?

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2016 by 51393c24ffb29d39acf26365f79ca6ef415f2bb0


     I'm following up on a previous question I had regarding landing pages that were not showing up in Google search , Adam kindly suggested

You need a link between your site & the Marketo page for a search engine to find it. Or you can just submit the URL to Google Webmaster tools for it to be instantly crawled. That's under HEALTH --> Fetch as Google.

     I have asked our webmaster and she said that domain name is not in the list as it's "created" by Marketo. Have you encountered same issue? How did you proceed?

     Cécile @ Talend