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    Munchkin API or Soap API?


      I need your advice on the following :
      We want to keep track of key activities that a user performed on our product website (non Marketo pages) , like  <created a project>, <ran first query>. Based on these we will trigger interesting moments, increase/decrease lead score, send notification e-mails.

      I identified 2 ways of achieving this:
      1. Create a costum field for each of these activities (like : Project Created - checkbox, First query ran - check box) and then using Munchkin API AssociateLead to update the custom fields when the user action was performed.
      2. Use the RequestCampaign SOAP API call to trigger Marketo campaigns that will create interesting moments, increase/decrease lead score, send notification e-mails.

      What it will be the best approach to this?
      I think lead segmentation can be easily achieved in both situations, base on custom field value for 1. or based on Had Interesting moment fiter for 2.
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          Your approach is essentially correct. The method to implement it depends on user interactions and marketing goals. 

          Marketo would set "created a project" to true and keep that value if users genuinely fill out a form multiple times, assuming they have ability to create multiple projects.

          The campaign would not trigger the second and subsequent interactions.
          The flow could include a step "change data value" to reset "created a project" to false again.

          Munchkin JavaScript API's associateLead is sufficient to capture the form values and submit to Marketo. 

          I would consider SOAP API's syncLead if users are free to create multiple projects.
          While Munchkin only returns HTTP 200 (OK) or error, SOAP API allows to evaluate the XML response and take actions based on the result. It would also blend well with requestCampaign.
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            Note that Munchkin API also exposes two other methods, visitWebPage and Click Link.  Therefore, another option is to call them and therefore trigger off of them in Marketo (i.e. to create the Interesting Moments).