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Markteto's Unknown Report

Question asked by 22977 on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by 17677
TJ,  I would like to have 2 seperate fields but more importanly, when the organization name is known - display that.  That's more important than the ISP.  Seems like the ISP locator service that Marketo uses doesn't provide the organization name.  Maybe it's time for a new service.  There are many out there that show both the ISP and Organzation name - and they are different. 

By the way, this issue is NOT solved eventhough it says that it is. 

I have NO clue how to use this community discussion.  Trying to reply to Elliot's comment.  I use leadlander and their ISP reports show both the ISP and Organization - and many times they are different. 

I use Marketo's Unknown Report to identify which companies/organziations visit my site.  I also use Leadlander.  Leadlander works much better that Marketo's Unknown Report.  But Marketo's Unknown Report could be just as good.  Seems like there are various ISP reporting agencies reporting different information.  Smme report only the ISP.  Some report ISP and Organization/Company Name. 

According to one of Marketo's Engineers: 

"The informational database for the locator service we use is not something we have direct access to change. My recommendation is to put something in community that you would like it to work how the Orginization field at works, as a suggestion in community is one of the primary ways we change features and services in our future build.

The ISP Locator Serice (link above) shows both the ISP and Organization/Company Name. I hope Marketo will start displaying both in their Unknown Report.  The information is available but not through their current locator service company they use.