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    Syncing Lead Source from Marketo to SFDC

      Recently, I synced over leads into SFDC and set up a flow step so if the lead's "lead source" field in SFDC was blank, salesforce would populate that field with "event". However, for some reason, any lead with that field blank ended up being populated with "web lead'. I have absoultely no idea how this is possible or how to fix this mapping. Anyone out there have any idea how to re-map this so it syncs correctly?
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          Probably something with your campaign flow, updating the source incorrectly.
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                 It sounds like something might have been incorrect with the flow in your campaign, but a simple data maintenance program should be able to fix it. 
                 Set up a smart campaign with the smart list:
                 Lead was Synced to SFDC = (date you synced the leads)
                 Lead Source = "web lead"
                 Then the flow:
                 Change data value - Attribute: "Lead Source" New Value: "event"
                 If the program you initially made changed the lead source, then that means your fields are mapped correctly. If you think it was SFDC that changed it (you could look in the lead history, assuming you are tracking changes for that field), then you might want to check your workflows, field updates, or default values. Something weird could've happened in that area as well.
                 Hope this helps!
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              Keith -

              Do you have any idea how to check  my default values, field updates, etc?
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                Hi Kelly,
                I would recommend trying to send a specific update using that same field to see if it works and to make sure the mapping is correct. You can also check in the Admin section under field management-- if you drag your field to the left it will show you how it is mapped in SFDC. In our instance, for example, "lead source" was not actually the field that you would think it would be on the lead/contact object, but is an opportunity field ....the one that maps to the SFDC lead source is called "source". Might be worth looking into if you have not experienced success using that field yet... there is a chance that SFDC placed the "web lead" value in as a default and it had nothing to do with the flow.

                Best of luck!

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                  Default values and field updates are located in the SFDC admin settings. If you have those permissions, here's how to check:

                  Default values:
                  Click on the "Setup" button in the top-right corner
                  Under the "Build" menu on the left side, click "Customize", then "Leads", then "Fields". 
                  Lead source should be in the "Lead Standard Fields" section, click that, then there is a column called "Default". 
                  If any of the fields have a check mark in the "Default" column, then that is your default option when a lead is created.

                  Field Updates:
                  Under the same "Build" section, click "Create", then "Workflow & Approvals", then "Field Updates"
                  Your existing field updates will be located there. 

                  Did you ever look at one of the leads that was affected and see what changed the value? If you scroll to the bottom of the lead detail page, it should be logged there. That would help clarify where the issue originated.
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                         Thank you for the above steps, that was extremely helpful!! The default values looked fine (nothing was checked as default), but when i navigated to the field updates, I found this:


                         I am not sure what this is or what its purpose is. I'm assuming if I just delete this, it may resolve the issue?