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    Spam Concern

      Hey Folks!

      So, our IT team is concerned with our company email addresses getting blacklisted by ISP's if we end up getting too many spam complaints. While I have little concern of that happening, I was under the impression that if we were to get blacklisted, it would be Marketo IP address attributed to us, not our actual domain email addresses. Normally I wouldn't feel like this is a battle worth fighting, but the idea now is to create a seperate domain to send emails form (Ross@company.info) and I feel that will significantly affect open rates because it looks a little spammy.

      Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
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          Here is a sheet you might find to be helpful, Ross.

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            Anti-spam blacklists will list the originating IP address, not IPs associated with the domain used in the return addressing.  The reasons are because A)  99.99% of the time, the return address of a spam email is forged/fake, and B)  It is not considered a best practice to list an IP address that actually hasn't sent spam.

            If you were to use a subdomain of your main domain (for example, ross@marketing.company.com), that looks far less shady.  Just remember, you are creating a new mail domain basically, so your IT team would need to create the appropriate A/MX DNS records, mailbox(es) or redirects in your main mail server, and SPF and DKIM (