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    Progressive profiling


      We do SEO on our website pages and would like to drive traffic to our website.
      So that means, I am not using Marketo forms(progressive profiling, which I would like to without using iframe).
      In other words, what are the pros or cons of using our own landing page vs Marketo Landing page.
      And since I need Progressive profiling I know I can use iframe but I think I would have to compromise on design a bit. Is there any other work around?

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          Josh Hill
          How is using Progressive profiling on an iframe or on Marketo LPs affecting your SEO?
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            I agree with Josh that displaying a Marketo progressive profiling form in an iframe should not impact your page rank if your page title H2 tag, and page content have been optimized for unique keywords.  A Marketo landing page is a different subdomain than your website's domain, and search engines will rank it separately, but this shouldn't have a negative impact on your website's page ranks or on the page ranks of the Marketo landing pages.  We use Marketo landing pages for special short-lived offers, events, etc., and usually depend on organic search tto dirve traffic to those LPs.