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What happens if you change the stream cadence in an active engagement program?

Question asked by 2a1fde4b58ef0cecf768e96a44bdd25a0644f003 on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Scott McKeighen

     I have an active engagement program with a stream cadence of Wed at 8am every 2 weeks. What happens if I change the stream cadence to be Tues at 8am every 2 weeks? When will the next cast will be? I could imagine a few different senarios:

     Let me give a specific example:
     - Stream cadence is set to Wed, 8am, every 2 weeks.
     - Cast goes out on Wed, August 7 at 8am
     - On Friday, August 9, the stream cadence is changed to Tues, 8am, every 2 weeks

     When will the next cast go out?
     A) On Tues, Aug 13  (this is the first Tues and the timing was reset when stream cadence changed)
     B) On Tues, Aug 20  (would love it to be this, but it is 2 weeks - 1 day from last cast)
     C) On Tues, Aug 27 (the next Tues after at least 2 weeks from prior cast)

     I am not sure how the calculation is made for the next cast...anyone know?