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    Unblocking Fields for Importing

    John Danielson
      We have a static list from our database (DB is separate from SFDC) that we want to upload to Marketo. When we uploaded the list the other day there were errors in the spreadsheet. This lead to email addresses being associated with the wrong leads. We believe we can fix this by re-importing the list with the correct info, but there are fields blocked that we need to unblock. When I go to import the list and get to Step 2: Import Preview, it says that First Name, Last Name, and Email are Blocked (Field Management). Is there a way to unblock those fields? I went into the Admin > Field Management, but I don't see anything that list currently blocked fields and/or a way to unblock those fields.

      Does anyone know how to go about unblocking these fields? I believe they had been blocked by a previous employee here, but she no longer works here and we haven't been able to figure out how to do it.
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          Kristen Carmean
          When you go into the Field Management section in Admin, you need to find the specific field you want to unblock from the right side menu and drag it over to the canvas. Then in the upper left area of the canvas, you should see a menu that says "Field Actions". Choose "Block Field Updates" from the drop down menu and then make sure you unselect the checkbox for List Import Trusted Source. Rinse and repeat with the next field.