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    What's your favorite metric?

      Looking to refresh how we approach our metrics, and develop a new strategy for reporting, etc. There are a TON of metrics out there, from "tried and true" to "this is new, and it helps me more than ever."

      - What are the metrics you monitor most?

      - Are there any you wish you've developed, but haven't yet?

      - Are there any that you've retired? And why?

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! - J
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          Michelle Tiziani

               For lead generation:
               The metric that I've been tracking more is new leads by acquisition programs. 
               New leads by source and geography.
               I'm tracking new leads by paid ads vs. internal banner ads vs. content vs. social media
               landing page performance and campaign performance. 

               For Publication/Newsletter, podcasts/video related emails:
               I track opens, click-thrus, engagement (GA) & bounce rate.  (I have to cross reference marketo metrics, GA and hootsuite stats and feedburner stats)

               For web traffic: organic key words, unique page visits, visits/page, bounce rate, traffic sources, top 10 performing pages and content.

               Deliverability stuff: Tracking invalid email, blocks and unsubscribes.  
               I report on the engagement metrics on the 15th. 
               First week of the month web metrics. 
               new lead reports on the first of the month too. 
               I report on our social influence on the first of the month. 

               I have to revise our goal metrics in Google Analytics and start working on retargeting.