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Is there a way to instantly sync a lead from Salesforce?

Question asked by 811794032e82cbc1ec6cc850a3891524bc265270 on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by 811794032e82cbc1ec6cc850a3891524bc265270
Use case: Reps are, obviously, in SF and not Marketo.  We're finding an issue where Rep A will transfer a lead to Rep B.  Rep B will send a templated email but, since the lead has not been recently synced, the Marketo tokens will pull the old reps contact information. 

Is there a way to create a field in Salesforce that will allow reps to update the the sync to Marketo?  Not simply to add to the next scheduled sync to but actively sync the lead immediately.

If this is possible, we can then build a SF workflow to trigger the change to always keep lead owner and lead tokens aligned.