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    Creating new emails - after the new release

    Amber Hobson
      I just want to make sure that I'm not crazy... with the newest release, is it more clicks now to create a new email? Normally, I'd right click on the folder within my program and create a new email having to only type a name and pick a template. Now, even if I do that, I have to pick the program (now called folder?) that it is going into, type a name and pick a template. Then, when it has been created, I have to move it into the folder that I had wanted it in. Is it a bug that it doesn't default to the program that you are working in anymore? I also saw that you can now clone into a folder within a program, but I wasn't able to create a new email directly into a folder. 

      Anyone else having this problem with the newest release? Not a big deal, more of an annoyance for me.