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Solving for Assistant Emails

Question asked by 251215e2763dec0923772d9cca7dd37f08005059 on Jul 25, 2013
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I posed this questions last year, but thought I'd bring it up again for additional feedback:

In our industry, financial services, the assistants of our clients are often times the more active users of our website.  They are also consistently being asked to be added to our distribution lists for Marketing & Sales emails.

At first, we were adding these assistants to our CRM, Salesforce, as Contacts so that they could be included; but with so much turnover, we fear it could junk up our database.

My questions related to assistants are: (1) How have other organizations solved for assistants as it pertains to Lead Scoring and Web Activity, and (2) How have they solved for adding/not adding assistants into their databases/distribution lists?