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    Requesting Campaigns Assistance


      I am a little stumped on the advanced nurturing campaigns. I have create my campaigns and am having trouble pulling a lead from one campaign and placing it into another campaign. I was able to get the Request campaign to work, but the lead still goes through the original campaign. So the lead is caught in two different campaigns. 

      I thought request campaign actually pulls out a lead from one campaign to add it to another. Also, not sure the best way to setup the Traffic Cop since I am using "Clicks link in email" trigger to tell it when to switch campaigns. This might not be the best way but I didnt want to do a data value change for just clicking a link in an email. 

      Appreciate any assistance! Thanks!


      Already read this article: http://test.hollebone.ca/marketo-advanced-lead-nurturing-with-traffic-cop-and-programs/, but wasnt too clear on the how the Police/Gatekeeper needed to be setup. 
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          Hi Brendan,

          Not sure if you've heard about Marketo's new Engagement Programs with streams, casts and all sorts of other new terms...but it basically replaces the need for traffic cop/gatekeeper/master campaigns and all of the other complicated components that made up nurture campaigns before.

          Check out this deep dive for more information https://community.marketo.com/Marketodeepdive?id=kA5500000008QlPCAU 

          Rather than struggling with traffic cops, etc. I'd try using that method. Hope that helps!
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            Hey Brendan,

            I agree with Emily that you should check out the article. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you have the trigger "Clicks link in Email" as your smart list and your flow contains the "Request Campaign" filter. All you need to do is add the "Remove from Flow" action and reference the flow that Lead is currently going through. This will take them from the campaign and add them to the correct one. Make sure you add this step after requesting a campaign because if you do it before, then they will be removed before they can be added to another campaign.
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              Hi Emily/Jeff, 

              Seems to be working good now, I added the remove from flow action and it was able to remove the lead from its original campaign. The new stream method seems a little confusing right now but after the webinars I am sure I will find them easier to work with then using the Cop and Gatekeeper method. 

              Only problem I have left is one of the triggers doesnt seem to detect when a link in an email has been clicked on for some reason or another. Not sure why thats heppening.

              Appreciate the help! Thanks!


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                Glad to hear that it's working better for you. I've been working on these streams ever since they were added to my instance and I can promise you it's much easier. I watched this video about it that explains the system pretty well:


                But I agree that everything will be even more clear once the webinar trainings have happened. The Stream system really simplifies everything (no more Traffic Cop! Yay!) but there are still some systems to be set up on the back end - lead scoring, alert emails, etc. These are slightly more complicated for my organization as we do not have SFDC. But these types of challenges are what makes life fun, right? ...right?

                Hope that video helps!
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                  Hi Emily, 

                  Thanks for the help! Unfortunately, it looks like standard - professional edition marketo can only do 1 stream. So its the traffic copy/gatekeeper for me. 

                  Still stuck on the one problem where my leads are moving from campaign 1 to campaign 2 based on clicking a link in an email in campaign 1. Also, they are now filtered from continuing in campaign 1. However, I cant seem to get the emails from campaign 2 to campaign 3. It doesnt seem to be tracking when the click emails. One of the links goes to a youtube video, so i am wondering if that is causing the problem. 


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                    Hey Brendan,

                    I know very well how you feel about the 1 stream situation. It's really frustrating that Marketo gets their clients all pumped about this amazing new feature and then lets you know it will cost an extra $300/month...ugh.

                    Luckily, my manager approved it and allowed me to add the extra streams...that $300/month extra gets you unlimited streams. I begged Marketo to give some middle ground. I don't need unlimited. I just need one program with 5 streams. 

                    If you wanted to, you could build your nurturing out across the 4 programs you're allotted and use the one stream in each program... I considered doing that initially.

                    As for your other question, I'm not sure why that link wouldn't be registered. I've been able to track links in the past to YouTube videos... Maybe try linking to a landing page that has the YouTube video embedded in it? Then you gain all of that Marketo tracking related to videos...

                    Sorry I can't be of more help! :(