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Requesting Campaigns Assistance

Question asked by 18730 on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by 28120

I am a little stumped on the advanced nurturing campaigns. I have create my campaigns and am having trouble pulling a lead from one campaign and placing it into another campaign. I was able to get the Request campaign to work, but the lead still goes through the original campaign. So the lead is caught in two different campaigns. 

I thought request campaign actually pulls out a lead from one campaign to add it to another. Also, not sure the best way to setup the Traffic Cop since I am using "Clicks link in email" trigger to tell it when to switch campaigns. This might not be the best way but I didnt want to do a data value change for just clicking a link in an email. 

Appreciate any assistance! Thanks!


Already read this article:, but wasnt too clear on the how the Police/Gatekeeper needed to be setup.