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    Lead sync from Salesforce

      Can I control how often leads are synced from SFDC to Marketo?  We get allot of spam into SFDC, and I want to clean it out before I push data to Marketo.
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          Hi Deb,

          Yes, you definitely change the sync time, but you will need to contact Marketo Support to do that and also keep in mind the impact it will have on follow up time for sales.
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            You can slow your sync down to once every 30-35 minutes, but I believe that is the slowest you can go. One idea is that you can create a smart campaign that monitors Leads synced from SFDC. If the Lead does not have a box checked (or certain Lead Status, or however you would like to denote that the Lead has been reviewed and approved), then Marketo will remove the Lead from Mkto, but remain in SFDC. Then, you would need aother campaign that would look for that same checkbox, status, etc. so that when the Lead is approved you can pull it into Marketo. 

            Not ideal or sophisticated, but I think that should help you manage your data in the manner you want.