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    Lead Scoring

      Where can I view the default lead scoring settings?
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          Hi Andrew,

          If you go into the Marketing Activities section of your instance, you'll see a button called "new" with some blue rectangles beside it (it'll be in the upper/mid section of your browser window to the left/center).

          Click on it and then select "Import Program" from the drop down. In the pop up window, select "Marketo Program Library" for the subscription and then choose to import "Lead Lifecycle 2"

          As Marketo describes it, this is "A group of campaigns that track the status of a lead and send to Sales when qualified."

          You'll need to tell it what campaign folder to put these pieces into in the next step. Then Marketo will give you a preview of what you're about to download in the third and final step.

          This will import everything you need for lead scoring right into your instance! Simply go thorugh and modify scoring and alerting as is necessary for your organization. Voila, basic lead scoring in a snap!

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            Thanks Emily. 

            Only been using Marketo for a few days still learning. So basically Lead Lifecycle 2 is a mini campaign with templates and scoring already set up?

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              Precisely! Once you download it, you'll see what all is contained within that program. It's actually pretty comprehensive. 

              If you have SFDC and have it connected to Marketo, you'll get a lot more functionality out of this. My organization does not have SFDC, but I still found this really useful. We've only been using Marketo for 6 months, so I know just how challenging it is to get up and running - downloading this program should give you a real jumpstart.

              I'd recommend you go with your best guess on lead scoring here. Don't take too much time over analyzing everything because you will need to tweak it constantly (likely on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the length of your sales cycle).

              Additionally, I'd say you are taking the best approach here. In some cases, it is best to set up lead scoring by program (using scoring tokens), but for ease of use, I definitely recommend using overarching lead scoring - it simplifies everything so much!
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                How do I setup the overarching lead scoring to keep it simple?
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                  By keeping it as a separate program, that's exactly what you're doing. Alternatively, you can set up lead scoring individually within each program (this would enable you to be highly specific and granular), such as differently for each different event, or for each component of a nurture campaign.

                  I was just saying that I think it's smart to keep lead scoring on it's own and covering everything that you are doing within Marketo. I started down the path of putting lead scoring in each individual program (and the lead scoring tokens would help expedite this) but it's still just too much to manage.