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      Does any one has an idea about Spamcop.net? What happens if Spamcop.net reports complaint agianst a specfic domain.
      What does it mean sicne we all are on shared IP and plus we have all valid and verfied emails.
      Would like to pick brain in the community to knwo reason why spamcop.net may report a complaint.



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          SpamCop.net blacklistings are typically temporary (12-24 hours) and usually due to a  message being flagged as spam (the most common reason).  This normally doesn't cause much of an issue as a range of IP's are used to send out emails, so one single IP being blacklisted for 12-24 hours isn't a huge concern. 

          The Marketo Deliverability Team takes all blacklist listings seriously and will actively work to resolve them as soon as they are aware of them.

          Should you notice severely reduced deliverability rates on emails or receive a notification that emails you've sent out via Marketo are blacklisted, please let Marketo Support know as quickly as possible.

          Have a great day!