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    Model Performance Analysis by State

      I'm trying to do a Model Performance Analysis (Leads) report, where I'm using States as the dimension, and in flow as the measure over a course of time. 

      Currently, I have the States grouped into regions, but Sales told me they'd rather have a breakdown by state. I'm not sure how to accomplish this. 

      I tried to create a new field group for each individual state, but apparently, it's limited to just 10.

      I feel there must be some way to do this, but I'm not quite sure how.

      Any help is appreciated. Thank you 
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          I don't think there is a straightforward solution to this.  The best solution would be for Marketo to allow enabling a field to be synched to the Model Performance Analysis (Leads) report like it is for the Lead, Campaign and Opportunity analyses rather than being limited to 3 Field Organizers with only 10 groups each.  If you are doing this analysis infrequently, you could redefine the groups to include new states and rerun the report.  However, you'd have to run your report the following day since the data warehouse updates once each night, so it would take at least 6 days to run all 50 states and a few territories / districts.