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    Newsletter Sign up in Email

      Does any one have a Sign up for newlsetter link/button at the bottom of their email campaigns? 

      What is the best way to go about doing this and setting up a program/flow in marketo to ensure that all leads that select this button/link are added to the newsletter distro list?
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          Kimi Heskett
          Thinking on the fly here but I would create a snippet with the 'subscribe' button in it or just the button and use it where you want to include it. Run a triggered smart campaign that listens for clicks on that button or link and make the flow add them to the subscription list or change the appropriate data value. 
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            Michelle Tiziani
            Kimi's suggestion above works, by adding the subscribe button or like on a snippet is the way to go.  Mine works a little bit differently because I have mine as a banner ad from a different publication eblast.  When they click on the banner ad and fills out a form to sign up for the newsletter, that trigger will automatically add that person to the newsletter list.  Then an alert is sent to our data associate that the person subscribed to the newsletter.  I also use the same form link on some parts of our website for the newletter lead capture. 
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              The only fear I'd have about Kimi's method is what happens when the original recipient forwards to someone else, and they click the subscribe button. In that scenario, it would subscribe the original recipient to your newsletter. I'm always a little wary of "blind form submits" for that reason.

              That said, it's definitely the most elegant solution on the recipient end when it works properly.