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Question asked by 29109 on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by e5edb74a60d32292c0d40b6e0c3f415bc9847139
Hi We have a Webinar set up with WebEx.  We have them register through a Marketo Landing page so the registration is required box in WebEx should not be checked.  I noticed that my SalesForce Dashboard was not registering people that had registered for the event.  I went into the Marketo Event and saw this error message:  
                    Error registering with webinar provider. exception='Webex API call error; Self registration is not supported by this service type or current meeting. [Webex exception ID = '110051']'
Everything looks to be set up correctly within Webex.  Does anyone know why this may be happening?