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Google Analytics Paths to Form/Lead Completions

Question asked by 33828 on Jul 25, 2013
I've been trying to find a solution on how to tie the top of the funnel data/activity to the activity that happens once a lead is created/cookied.

Right now, we can track the web activity of a lead once they've been cookied and completed a form. As an SEO/SEM Analytics person I have data on the different paths and channels a user takes before completing a form on the website. Google Analytics does a great job with this in the Multi Channel Funnel reports especially the Top Conversion Paths for completing goals. 

The problem is that there is this huge hole in the process where Marketo assigns the lead source with the last click model. Ultimately the lead gets assigned an original lead source but doesn't account to the paths the user took before the form compleition. Marketo does a great job of tracking the users after they've completed the form. 

Wouldn't you want to connect the data that is collected by your analytics solution (GA, Omniture, Clicky, etc...) about the previous channels they saw or tracked in the process of creating an optimized stream. If the data was connected you'll be able to see the full path of the lead and not just what happens after. You could then efficently track how all the channels perform and create advance streams based off of the data they've seen. Not to mention this helps give you more insights into the assisted conversions that each channel contributes too. Google Analytics allows you to create Custom Channels so you can track very specific channels based on their filters and parameters.

If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it. I've been doing a lot of research in this area and find it a bit silly how no one is really addressing this problem. We are putting too much weight on the original lead source when it's truly not the original lead source. There are plenty of other channels and sources that happen before that.  

This doesn't even bring up the fact that most analytics software don't truly take care of the multi channel attribution of a multi screen world. I'm really hoping Universal Analytics solves this problem considering they are directly addressing it with this new upgrade. It's too early to tell if it will really solve the problem but see a lot of potential especially with Chromecast and the implications that Google might be able to track what people are streaming to their television if using the product (I'm hoping they'll give us insights into this data as well somehow in GA).