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    2 Replies Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 6:30 AM by 30298

    My Teams Best Bets

      I am trying to set up My Team's Best Bets using the Salesforce Role hierarchy. Are there any articles offering step by step guidance on setting this  up?
        • Re: My Teams Best Bets
          My Team’s Best Bets view displays the lead and contact records under the reporting hierarchy of the user.  The Sales Insight for the Sales Team help article explains this.  The only set up is to establish the Role heirarchy in SFDC.
          • Re: My Teams Best Bets
            Thanks for your response, Elliott.

            I have set up the role hierarchies in SalesForce; however, I don't think they are translating over to Marketo. The internal salesperson reports to the external salesperson in SalesForce. On Sales Insights, the internal salespeople are not able to see any data in "my team's best bets."

            Is this because only the manager sees all the data?

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