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    What exactly happens when leads are synced to an SFDC Queue?

      Goal: 1. If Lead Owner Email Address is empty, then sync to an SFDC Queue. 2. If lead was not synced to this SFDC Queue, Send Alert to current lead owner. 

      Part one is pretty self explanatory, and this was discovered because we were able to confirm that when a lead exists in queues, the lead owner information is null. It's only populated when the lead is assigned to a specific SFDC User. 

      My question is regarding part two. Do I use a "Not Owner was Changed" is "Specific SFDC Queue"? Not sure if this action is tracked and identifiable via flow step. 

      I hope this is enough information for context. Ultimately, I want to be able to route net new leads appropriately and send an alert to the lead owner of existing leads.

      I may need to just create a custom Interesting Moment that just sends the lead owner an alert email regardless, then if the lead owner info is empty, no harm in the send because it's taken care of by part 1. But it will ensure lead owners will be alerted. 

      Thanks in advance,

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          Sean McCombs
          Hello Jessie,
             Unfortunately Marketo does not have visibility into SFDC queues. Meaning if a lead is assigned to a Queue then the Lead Owner fields appear to be Null.
          I do not believe that "Not Owner was Changed" will work because you basically looking for any records that have the absence of "Owner was Changed" with a Null value.
          I would suggest the following solution to identify the lead queue that the lead is owned by:

          How to View Leads Assigned to a Salesforce Queue
          *by default, you can only pull a list of leads assigned to an actual owner (not leads assigned to a queue)

          1.    In SFDC, create a formula field for “Queue Owner”
          2.    Use a formula in the “Queue Owner” field to pull in queue name (ex below)
          a.    if ( OwnerId ="00GA00000013pWq","Queue 1"," ")+
          if ( OwnerId ="00GA00000014wKq","Queue 2"," ")
          3.    Using a Marketo Smart List, use the new “Queue Owner” field (ex. “Queue Owner is Queue 2”)
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            Great, thanks - I believe this will work in terms of gaining visibility into which leads are in queues and those that have been assigned to users. Still trying to work out the flow step that will send an alert to campaign members that get bypassed by the first criteria. Even if I identify the Queue Owner, due to round robin assignment rules in SFDC, the ownership may change from the Queue Owner to the Lead Owner before the next flow step is complete.

            I may just create two separate smart campaigns to keep it simple.

            I guess I'm looking for the "Otherwise do this" option that is a different flow action from the initial Sync Lead to SFDC flow action... perhaps it's too farfetched, and I'm just idealistic!