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What exactly happens when leads are synced to an SFDC Queue?

Question asked by 21297 on Jul 15, 2013
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Goal: 1. If Lead Owner Email Address is empty, then sync to an SFDC Queue. 2. If lead was not synced to this SFDC Queue, Send Alert to current lead owner. 

Part one is pretty self explanatory, and this was discovered because we were able to confirm that when a lead exists in queues, the lead owner information is null. It's only populated when the lead is assigned to a specific SFDC User. 

My question is regarding part two. Do I use a "Not Owner was Changed" is "Specific SFDC Queue"? Not sure if this action is tracked and identifiable via flow step. 

I hope this is enough information for context. Ultimately, I want to be able to route net new leads appropriately and send an alert to the lead owner of existing leads.

I may need to just create a custom Interesting Moment that just sends the lead owner an alert email regardless, then if the lead owner info is empty, no harm in the send because it's taken care of by part 1. But it will ensure lead owners will be alerted. 

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