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    How to deal with people who opted out of some messaging reaccessing that content

      Hi There,

      I'm just wondering how you guys deal with people who opt out of a line of communication, but then do something that gets them readded to that list.

      For example, say someone opts out of receiving webinar communications. The way we do webinars, consumers need to fill out a very basic form to access it or the video afterwards. They are then added to our database and signed up for future webinar communications.

      We could add some logic like "if data value for webinar communications changed to false in x amount of time, don't sign them up for that".

      Or maybe we could make it clear that they will be signed up for whatever list and allow them to opt out of that on the form itself.

      I'm not entirely sure what direction to take on it and would love to hear about how people do this at their workplaces.