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    A/B testing with single lead entry

      Hi Community--

      I ran into an issue where the Random Sample Choice does not work.

      We have a smart campaign that is triggered by Sales Insight, i.e. a sales rep calls the campaign and sends the lead down this campaign.

      The smart campaign has a few Send Email flow actions that include Random Sample Choices. However, Marketo is skipping this action every time a lead enters. I reached out to support and they said that this is because when only one lead enters a campaign, Marketo doesn't compute Random Sample 50/50 because it cannot split one lead into two, as such, it defaults to "Do nothing".

      One idea is to have Choice 1 be Random Sample is 50 - Send Email A and then have the default choice be Send Email B. But I think what this will do is just send everyone to default choice and just send everyone Email B.

      I've also read some suggestions on using lists and then manually checking before the email is sent but this is not a solution for us because it is not real-time and automatic and thus not scalable for us.

      Any ideas appreciated.

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          Josh Hill
          You could have a "default" option after the initial Random Sample flow action:

          Send Email
          Choice 1: if Random Sample IS 50 Send Email A

          Send Email
          Choice 1: if Not Was Sent Email A or Email B, then Send X

          So if a single lead was going through, you'll still send them something automatically, knowing that the lead did not receive the first Send Email flow action.
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            Michelle Tiziani
            Thanks for pointing that out Josh.  I totally made a recent blunder of not adding the If not was sent email A or email b, then send c.  I sent a couple of emails to the same lead.  I saw some unsubscribes. trickling in.  :(