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    Hard Bounce Report


      I need to pull a report of any leads that were a hard bounce (not interested in soft bounces at this stage) from a particular lead nurturing campaign I ran recently. I need to get this list for our IT team so they can be deleted from our CRM system (Sage Sales Logix). How can I run this report? I guess I only need there email address.

      I've tried a couple of different things but everything is giving me different numbers! I dont want to delete genuine leads by mistake.

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          If I remember correctly, Marketo uses "bounced" to mean a hard bounce and "soft bounce" to mean "soft bounce".  So you might create a smart list like this with your email identified:

          If you are getting a high variance between this and another method, look for the exceptions and skim their activity record.  I bet you'll see an obvious distinction fairly quickly.