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Generic form don't work since some days

Question asked by 037281982d228875968b5aab74b7d54d830fdfd6 on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by 037281982d228875968b5aab74b7d54d830fdfd6

Since some days one of our forms don't work anymore.

We have form for specific documents with a form and a landing page for each.
And we have a generic form used to download different documents from our web site.

We have built this form and added a specific javascript for this using this :

In the form we have hidden fields referencing src.

          To make point on this form for a specific document we are using urls like this (one for each document):

          When you click on this you are redirected to the form. When you submit it this should go to the document.
This was working fine since 2 years but since some days when you submit the form it come back to the form adding a aliId=46413213 at the end.
our visitors are no longer able to download the requested document. I kow that for a lot of Marketo user this action is made using an email but for our concern we prefer to have a direct download.

Is someone is experiencing the same problem?

Thanks in advance.