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    Re-importing contacts to a static list

      I created a Smart List for an Tradeshow invite campaign and exported it to Excel for our sales team to review.  They have reviewed this list and deleted any contact records they don't want to invite.  I would like to re-import this list into the Static List I created for this Tradeshow, but want to ensure this won't create any duplicate records or update any fields in the existing Marketo/Salesforce database.  

      What is best practice in this case?  Do I choose the Skip new leads and updates in Step 1 instead of Normal?  Do I just import the list of email addresses, not the Company Name, First name, Last Name , Industry & Job Title?  In step 3, should I leave acquisition program as None?

      Just want to make sure I don't unwittingly update fields, or add these as new leads.

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          You would select "Skip new leads and updates", just import the list of email addresses and leave the acquisition program as "None".  Is there a reason to use a static list?  If you have less than a couple of thousand email addresses, you can just create a smart list with the Email Address filter and paste the email addresses from your spreadsheet into that.  It's simpler than creating a static list and a lot less stressful ;0)
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            Thanks for you suggestion Elliott. Super idea, and definitely a lot less stressful ;)!  Thanks for your quick response!