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    Stars: Relative Score

      I have a very high score from testing all my emails and visiting my website etc. Will this affect the amount of points my leads need to get to have a star, (since relative to me, they have a very low score)? Do I need to somehow tell Marketo to disregard my activity?
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          Amy, the number of stars is based how high a lead's score is relative to other leads.  The top third of all scores will receive 3 starts, the second third receive 2 stars and the bottom third receive 1 star.  Your 1 lead presumably with the largest score will only cause 1 lead to be moved from 3 to 2 stars and 1 lead to be moved from 2 to 1 star. 

          You can't have Marketo ignore your lead record's score when calculating how many stars each lead should receive; however, you can change your lead record's score to a smaller value or zero if you don't want it to have any affect. 
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            Also, you can add a filter to exclude anyone from your company, or a competitor, from receiving any points. Depending on how many scoring campaigns you have, it could take a while, but it will ensure cleaner data.