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Issue with triggers in an engaged campaign

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Jun 25, 2013
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     I have created following filters for an engaged campaign and I ended up with all answers (instead of just I need more Info). Is it because when you select 2 triggers, smart list thinks it's a success when you have either trigger 1 or trigger 2, even if I had selected ALL? In other words I should have put " trigger : fills out form" +" filter : upgrade interest is I need more Info"?

     I know that I can change a program success. Can I change a campaign success (interesting moment) as well?

     My program contains 3 engaged campaigns : No, I need more Info and Yes and when I noticed my mistake, all campaigns had same result: 38 members which is also program success. Actually  I should have had 1, 19 and 18...


     Cécile @ Talend