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    Import csv List to Marketo but not SFDC

      Is there any way to import a CSV list of leads into Marketo but not SFDC? It is a fairly large file and do not want to mix it with SFDC contacts.

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          Sean McCombs
          Hi Scott,
             Leads in the Marketo Lead Database do not automatically sync to SFDC. They must be synced to SFDC via the Sync Lead Flow Action. This can be done by a single flow action from the Lead Database, or by a batch or trigger campaign in Marketing Activities.
          If you have a Trigger Campaign that is automatically syncing leads to SFDC, you can edit the campaign to exclude the Static List that you are importing to. If you require further assistance with identifying campaigns that are syncing leads to SFDC, I would suggest to submit a Support Case.
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            Thanks for your quick response Sean.

            So I would be ok to just import a list using the import list function in Marketo. I would not have to worry about SFDC sync?
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              If you import fields on your leads that have older values in the same fields in SFDC, those changes will be synced to Marketo on the next integration sync cycle. To avoid this, you can limit your file to just email addresses. This will identify them in the list, but it won't cause any changes that would make the leads be updated in SFDC.
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                Colleen Jones
                I believe our Marketo instance is setup to automatically synch marketo records to SFDC. I want to upload a tradeshow list to send a quick email but do not want those emails to sync or update information in SFDC. Would I do the same and only upload email addresses. Is it possible to import to a Smart List and then pull that into my campaign?