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    Social App Questions

    Kimi Heskett
      We've just started using the social features in Marketo... can anyone answer these questions for me? 

      How do we track socially acquired program members – we’ve tested this and aren’t seeing them marked as so when I think they should be. Is there a delay in seeing this updated?

      How is ‘resulting clicks’ calculated? The explanation given make no sense at all based on the numbers we've seen from the tests we've run.

      How can we create trackable Marketo links without creating a social button for everything? Is this possible?

      mrk.to links – how do we track them easily in Marketo?
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          Michelle Tiziani
          Ugh I'm trying to figure this out myself.  I set up a program just for polls and because you have to logon to what one of the social tools to vote, we're not getting much activity.  A couple of people voted but they are not new leads, so they're not showing up as acquired by.  

          So I'm subscribing to this.  
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            You can see the leads acquired by a social app by segmenting on Original Source Info:
            Original Source Info is “Social App”

            You can segment on leads from a specific social app or apps by using one of the filters for social. Just type "social" in the filter box to see what's available.

            Resulting clicks is the number of people that come back to the page via a shared link. It is calculated purely on referral traffic and has nothing to do with organic or paid page traffic. All metrics in the gold boxes are referral traffic generated by the peer-to-peer sharing function of the apps. 

            I'm not sure about what you're asking regarding trackable links outside of share buttons. The only way you can gather the social CRM data is via the MSM apps. It is an opt-in process that allows us to gather that publicly available info from a social network.

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              Look at the ratio of page traffic to interactions. If you have high page traffic (Campaign Visits, top of the funnel), but a low interaction rate your poll may not be relevant to your audience.
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                Hi Kelly,
                i'm wondering if  the mrk.to links are enterprise bitly links?  if so, we should be able to track it somehow.  thanks!

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                  Kimi Heskett
                  Thanks for the response, Kelly. A few follow up questions... :)

                  Regarding seeing socially acquired program members. We ran a test in an incognito browswer, clicked a mkt.o link from twitter that was created via the social button and registered for the webinar. So that should be a socially acquired lead. However this still does not show it. This test was run around 4 hours ago. Is there a delay? We ran a similar test yesterday and saw nothing appear in the socially acquired count here, but both tests are registered for the webinar.


                  Additionally you said that I could  see the leads acquired by a social app by segmenting on the original source info of 'Social App'. When I try to build a smart list with those filters 'Social App' is not an option for that filter:


                  So I thought perhaps you meant 'Original Source Type' instead of 'Original Source Info' because 'Social App' IS an option there, but when I use that filter I return 0 results. 



                  Regarding 'Resulting Clicks' again... I understand what you are saying about they are the number of clicks/people that come back to the page via a shared link. However here are the results for ours:


                  I just cannot believe out of the 2 shares in the past 24 hours we garnered 89 clicks. I could be wrong, but I really don't think I am. Especically because the two people who shared it within the past 24 hours have a total social reach of 111. I guess i would be surprised that of those 111 social impressions 89 of them clicked? Maybe I'm misinterpreting the dashboard? And if I'm not wrong is this saying that there were 89 clicks from the 2 social shares and 0 of those 89 resulted in a registration?

                  Also, it is correct that social reach and social impressions are they same? Typically would the social impressions number be smaller than social reach?

                  Sorry for all the questions, but I can't find answers to these within all the social documentation.

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                    No, they are not bit.ly. They are proprietary, encoded with our own tracking.
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                      OK Thanks, Kelly.
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                        1. Incognito browsers don't always allow tracking. Some browsers won’t even let you set a cookie in incognito mode. Others will let you set a cookie but then delete it as soon as you close your session. You will not get accurate metrics if you are interacting with a social app in incognito mode.
                        2. Original Source Info vs. Original Source Type. I am seeing both available in my instance, so I’m not sure why you’re not able to see Source Info > Social App. Might be a question for support. The smart list will only filter for leads that originated from a social app. If they were already a known lead they won’t show up in that list.
                        3. While it’s very possible that two shares could result in 89 clickbacks, it’s not probable unless a true influencer shared the link or you as a company shared the link. It’s also very possible that no one registered when they clicked through.
                        4. Social Impressions is a multiple of Social Reach x Number of Shares. So if I have 1000 followers on Twitter and I share content twice the Social Impressions would be 2000. Also, we can only see the number of people in someone’s network if they make that info public. So, the Social Reach and Social Impressions numbers are usually lower than the actual numbers.

                        Hope that helps.

                        Kelly Jo