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    Marketo/Salesforce Synchronization Error

    Fahad Bhatti
      I have changed my password on SF and received the new security token, but when I placed the new password and security token information Marketo SF synchronization page, it displays the following error:

      Login failed for SFDC user xxxxxx@gmail.com - Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.

      Anyone know what could be the problem?

      Fahad Bhatti.
        • Re: Marketo/Salesforce Synchronization Error
          Farhad did you use the same email account before?  Typical causes:
          •           the SFDC User name and email address can be different, so if you have the wrong one you'll reeive an error like this.
          •           If you copy and paste the password or token from an email, you may be inadvertently adding spaces 
          Beyond that, I'd recommend walking through the sync steps and double-checking the data