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    Issue with filter on change data value new

    Cecile Maindron

      I would like to set a trigger that only collect leads that have filled out a form and the product evaluation request field was previously empty or the new value is different from previous one

      I think I will have to pick ANY
      - have a trigger on fill out form
      - have filter for empty field
      - have filter for previous field has been updated

      however I don't know how to set last criteria. The thing is that each time a lead is filling out a form, there will be an hidden value that says Product Evaluation Request = value. If lead fills out 2 times the same form with same Evaluation Request number, he'll be excluded the second time. So I'm guessing that Change Date Value has changed alone is not enough as the field will be updated each time somebody fills out form. The mandatory criteria is that the new value has to be different than the old one.


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          Hi Cecile,
          I would do what you want the following way:
          1. Use the "Filled out Form" trigger
          2. Use the Data Value Changed filter with no constraints (you do not need constraints since you are looking for any data value change). 
          3. In the schedule tab, set it so "Every lead can run through the flow once"

          The third step will make sure that a lead will not go through the flow twice.

          Is this what you were looking for?