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    Lead scoring


           Please can anyone point me to a resource that tells me how to set up the lead scoring program I imported? 
           I keep getting stuck at the first hurdle. For instance, I am trying to set up demographic scoring - using 'contains' - but can't see where I would put my list of keywords. 

           I've got the Standard edition of Lead Scoring pulled through and am trying to use this as a basis - but getting confused very quickly. 

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          This would help the scoring campaign started:
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            Thanks for this. Specifically, I am looking to set up scoring based on the lead scoring program I imported which is visible in my organisational tree. Any ideas?
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              What is the program name?
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                It's called Scoring - Standard & Select Editions. 

                For example, I am looking at the job title section > smart list > job title contains

                But from here I can not see where I would put my keywords in, and how I would assign them as a high, medium or low value. 

                Is there a video tutorial you can recommend? 
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                       Scoring - Standard and Select Editions (#PG1026A1)
                       Smart Campaign
                       Job Title (#SC1141B2)
                       Smart List: Job Title Contains (40 values)
                       Flow: Change Score
                       When you click the green “plus” icon a dialog box opens the drop down “Add New Values” allowing you to select the relevant job titles, replacing "High Value Title" and similars, not macthing any existing value in the database.
                       I would also suggest to replace "Contains" with "IS", far more accurate and faster than "contains".