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Adding "Email" vs. "Smart Campaign containing Send Email Flows" into Engagement Streams

Question asked by 25567 on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by 24d7a935802c064e78e21a33923dbb665c75e246
Hi Community--

In Engagement Content streams under Content, if we have a combination of one-off Emails and Smart Campaigns, which contain Emails--does Marketo recognize and scan the Emails within the Smart Campaigns against the one-off Emails in such a way that it prevents duplicate content from being delivered? Put another way, do I have to parse out the emails in the Smart Campaigns and add them to the Content Stream a la carte in order for us to leverage the capability of Engagement Programs to prevent duplicate content from being sent?

I ask because I'm working on transitioning our existing nurturing programs and campaign structure into the new engagement model. There may be times when some of the one-off emails already exist within the Smart Campaigns and/or I want a piece of content to take priority and don't necessarily want to have to go into the Smart Campaign and remove that email from the flow. I'd like to be able to just drag and drop our existing campaigns instead of having to parse each individual email into the Content Stream.

Relatedly, our existing campaigns have wait steps, e.g. "Send Email, Wait 5 days, Send Email, Wait 5 days..." Should I remove the wait steps in these campaigns and use the Stream Cadence instead?

Additionally, if there were multiple streams in an engagement model, but there was some overlap in content between the streams, does the "do not send duplicate content" still apply across streams? i.e. Stream A and Stream B both have Email X. John Doe enters Stream A and receives Email X. Three weeks later, John Doe enters Stream B--does he receive Email X again?

Lastly, has Marketo released any official documentation on how to migrate existing nurturing program and campaign structure over to the new engagement model?