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GoToWebinar Confirmation Emails won't resend after registering multiple times

Question asked by 18597 on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by 18597
I just started working with GoToWebinar.  We host the same webinar once a week, and I wanted to make it really simple to setup by cloning the program week after week.  Because of this, sending the confirmation email directly from GoToWebinar seemed to be simpler than doing so in Marketo.  

When I register for the webinar once, I do receive a confirmation email.  However, if I register again for the same webinar with the same email address I do not receive a second confirmation email.   I am wondering if since I am already registered, when I register again, there isn't a change in my program status so it doesn't push anything over to GoToWebinar, and I therefor do not receive that second confirmation email.  In the progression status, I do have it set so "Each lead can flow through flow every time."

I have two questions.  First, has anyone experienced this before and developed a workaround for this?  Second, what has been your experience sending confirmation emails via Marketo vs. GoToWebinar?