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    Adding a Terms and Conditions box to a form

      I would like to include an HTML DIV scroller - for my terms and conditions, right below my form fields in a simple Marketo form. Is there a way to include a dynamic DIV or Textarea scroller on my form that would allow user to fill in form, acknowledge or check a checkbox that they agree to terms? Scroller would show terms. Is there a quick way to drop this into my form? Template? Code cheat?
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          You'll have to write you own custom JavaScript or jQuery to do what you want to do. We've done it for our landing pages.

          If you're not too fussy about how your page looks, you can just create a new custom field "agreeToTerms" with type Checkbox and make it a required field in your form. You can just write a script on submit to check if this field is checked.

          Sorry, but I don't think there's a generic template nor script to do this.
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            The checkbox and custom field have been created. The simple display of the terms within the form is what isn't. Can I see a version of your landing pages to make sure it is what I am trying to do?
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              My page is in Japanese and it's slight different from what you want. I think you want to put a scrollable text box instead of a social box (Facebook, Twitter buttons).

              Just create a Rich Text element with your Terms of Conditions and use jQuery to insert HTML elements from the Rich Text element into a form in my landing page. This way, you'll later be able to change your Terms of Conditions without modifying your script.


              Note, the link is to the experimental page instead of the final page. I'll be moving this page to my Sandbox instance this week.