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Email Outage?

Question asked by Nora Slattery on Jun 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by Nora Slattery
Hi guys!

I have logged a support ticket about this but being a weekend, I'm hoping the community would be able to get back to me sooner.

A client contacted me Friday with a Marketo Program that didn't appear to be working.

On Friday afternoon (Australian Time) I was testied the program but was not receiving emails to one email address/domain (it was actually my client's domain) the smart campaign was saying it was sent but nothing to follow (i.e delivered/bounced).

I then tested with 2 email addresses on my  own work domain and both of those were blocked as spam and the lead in MKTO changed to Email suspended.

I then created a new hotmail ( account to test and none of those emails made it through until 9am Saturday when I received all emails that were sent to my @outlook account but my work email addresses are still set to email suspended in mkto.

Does anyone know if this is standard behaviour? Was there an outage on Friday? Has anyone had something similar happen?

Any help would be very welcome and greatly appreciated!

Warm regards,