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    Add webinar recording to landing page

      Does anyone know how to add a webinar recording to a landing page?
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          Kimi Heskett
          Depends on how you are storing it. Sometimes we store it as an asset in Marketo and link to it to download, sometimes we store the file in brightcover or youtube and then use the embed code on the page.
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            Yeah, we use GoToWebinar, and we typically export the recording and upload it to YouTube or Ooyala, then grab that embed code and drop it on the landing page. We usually try to repurpose the original webinar registration and confirmation landing pages to serve this purpose. You can even have a draft of the registration page ready that changes "register now" language to "view on-demand" language. The all you have to do is embed the video on the confirmation page and approve the draft and you're done.
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              Cecile Maindron
              We host all our videos on private account in Vimeo. We display our videos on drupal page. If you are a website visitor, you fill out pop up and end on video page (on website). if you are a program member, you fill out form on landing page and you end up on same video page (on website).