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    Trade Show Follow-Up with Multiple Products

      My company manufactures and sells 10 different product lines. We are currently using the SMB Edition of Marketo as the enterprise version is not in our current budget. There are certain trade shows that we attend where all of our product lines are represented and a person may tell us they have interest in 4 out of the 10 product lines (for example).

      As of now we have been sending out a generic follow-up email thanking them for attending our booth at trade show X with a link to a page where they can download any of the brochures for our 10 product groups. Essentially, we are not including that person's unique product interest(s) into the email. We had wanted to use dynamic content insertion to make the email unique to that person's product interests but segmentation/segments in Marketo do not allow this type of cross-over. 

      Does anyone else out there have a company utilizing the SMB edition with multiple product groups that act as small sub-divisions of the company? Or is enterprise really the only way to go with this type of setup?

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          Cecile Maindron
          I don't know if this answers your question but we are using product interest. We create data flow that adds product interest based on program or on individual basis. we then create email flows based on product interest. we have started using this when we had SMB edition.

          In your follow up email you could add token based on product interest. if field is empty, no url / blank line / no visual
          if field is not empty, url/visual etc.

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            The dynamic content is a great tool but its not necessary to do this.  Here's the bootstrapped version:
            •           Build lists for each segment.  This might be using product interest, or just static lists after the event.  
            •           Create one email asset for each segment.  This sounds like a lot of work, but with cloning, you're looking at about an hour or so.
            •           Don't forget to create a default email asset for those who won't meet a specific criteria
            •           Create a smart campaign to send the email: the flow steps will be 10 choices, sending the most targeted email first and then going to the most broad.  The order shouldn't make a huge difference
            The downside of this is reporting: your ten emails will all have separate metrics.  On the upside, you'll potentially see far better engagement with your best prospects, so you can afford to upgrade :)

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              Thank you both for your feedback!

              Cecile - We have created a custom field for each of our 10 product groups, so I know which product groups people are interested in. The product interest token sounds great, but I'm not sure if it will work with our custom product group fields. If I could create a token that reads whether or not that custom product group field is true or false and then put in the necessary information that would be ideal. 

              Steven - I may be misunderstanding, but I'm not sure how your process will work for people who have interest in multiple product groups? If I'm making one email per product group (segment), it seems like with your process I would have to choose which product group's email I am sending to that lead (even if that lead had interest in multiple product groups). Otherwise, I would have to make an email for each combination of product group interest which is, unfortunately, unrealistic. 
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                Danielle - you're right, my solution didn't address those matching multiple product interests.  I expect you'll find most of your audience falls into a small number of combinations, so you still wouldn't have more than twenty emails.  Still a lot of work.