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    Examples of Unique Marketo Pages?

      Hey gang!

      I'm currently working on building a "data hub" that's essentially a repository of whitepapers, infographics, videos, etc. Do any of you have examples of clever page layouts done in Marketo that are captivating, unique, and/or awesome for other reasons? 

      I suppose it doesn't have to be a Marketo page, but I'll be working within the framework of Marketo's landing page builder and (preferably) messing with the HTML as little as I need to.

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          In order to do some of the things you want to do (i.e. be "captivating" et al), you will most likely have to do some pretty hefty customization. Marketo's landing page editor, while efficient, does not provide you with the framework to build robust resource library pages without a good amount of custom HTML, Javascript, etc.

          Even Marketo's (http://www.marketo.com/resources/), which I think is one of the coolest ones out there, is built on the SilverStripe CMS platform. 

          Not trying to discourage you, but instead of investing time (and potentially frustration) trying to wrangle the drag and drop editor to do these things, I would suggest finding the right tool for the job, and keep using Marketo's landing page editor for what it does best: landing pages :-)
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            I agree with Justin on this one. Building a resource center on Marketo's landing pages would be very limiting and challenging.

            One cool way that we use it (I wouldn't call it unique, though) is to build mini resource sections. On every gated content page, we have an area of free resources highlighting other pieces of content - typically free, often blog posts - that the lead might enjoy.

            Like I said, definitely not unique...there are a LOT of people doing this, but I think it's really important. It takes extra time to build these mini libraries out, but it really helps to keep leads on the site and engaged.