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    Inserting Dynamic Search Results into E-mail from Web Page

      Hi all, I am pretty new to Marketo, and after digging around for a few hours, could not find what I was looking for...

      What I am looking to do is run dynamic content from our web page's search results as a part of our e-mail campaigns where the e-mail would display multiple (probably 3-4 ideally)  search results with linked images from our website based on at least the address data we have and ideally more and more filter criteria as we perfect it.  Also it would grab the 3 "best fit" properties on its own, as uploading them manually for the entire nation sub region by sub region is impossible.... 

      What exactly is the best way to do this?

      Example of what I am trying to do:
                Check Out These Properties For Sale in Your Area!


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               This will be pretty intense to do with Marketo. Since Marketo is "lead-centric", you will probably need to have some sort of a relationship field between properties and leads that would need to be updated constantly and then fed to Marketo and used as a token for email. 

               Unless you have significant development resources, I think you will find this to be pretty difficult. I'd love to see some other community members take a shot though :-)

               If you do decide to go to an outside firm, our company (The Pedowitz Group) handles difficult technical integrations and would be happy to scope out the project for you. Feel free to email me directly at jason@pedowitzgroup.com if you'd like to discuss.

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            Thank you for your response.  To approach this from a different direction, is there anyway we could incorporate a segment/dynamic image from a landing page (live ball/ION)  into Marketo?
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              I would do it the other way around. Marketo's dynamic content options are limited to:
              •           Segmentation: While they are dynamic, a lead can only belong to one segment at a time (i.e. show U.S. leads one piece of content, Europe leads another), and they can be cumbersome to set up. Also, you can only have 25,000 possible combinations, so deep personalization on the level you're asking for may be difficult. 
              •           Tokens: Same as email above; Marketo can display token values based on a lead's information
              LiveBall has a landing pages functionality that seems to be more robust; I would build landing pages using their tool and then use the Marketo integration to pipe the leads back into Marketo for scoring/routing, etc.