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Inserting Dynamic Search Results into E-mail from Web Page

Question asked by 37958 on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by 13b6ddb5d75795faf166c553c40c14d1236c9244
Hi all, I am pretty new to Marketo, and after digging around for a few hours, could not find what I was looking for...

What I am looking to do is run dynamic content from our web page's search results as a part of our e-mail campaigns where the e-mail would display multiple (probably 3-4 ideally)  search results with linked images from our website based on at least the address data we have and ideally more and more filter criteria as we perfect it.  Also it would grab the 3 "best fit" properties on its own, as uploading them manually for the entire nation sub region by sub region is impossible.... 

What exactly is the best way to do this?

Example of what I am trying to do:
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