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Aggrevated with Reports

Question asked by 18811 on Jul 9, 2013
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I am officially aggrevated with Marketo's reports. Sometimes I'm in analytics, sometimes I'm making a smart list, sometimes I'm having to look at the campaign tabs. Has anyone found out a system of when they go to each section for a report? I am actually leaving my company and would like to provide SOME sort of guidance to my team for after I'm gone. Right now, I find myself trying all the different ways to get what I want and am sometimes not even successful with that.

On that note, I am currently trying to find out how many opens/clicks/etc. there are for an email we sent twice. However, I only want the numbers for the second send. So far, I've been able to create a "was delivered email" smart list, but that doesn't tell me who opened/clicked. Side note: I SWEAR this was previously available and has now disappeared.


PS We do not have RCA and we are not connected to a CRM. In case that matters in your answer!