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    Aggrevated with Reports

      I am officially aggrevated with Marketo's reports. Sometimes I'm in analytics, sometimes I'm making a smart list, sometimes I'm having to look at the campaign tabs. Has anyone found out a system of when they go to each section for a report? I am actually leaving my company and would like to provide SOME sort of guidance to my team for after I'm gone. Right now, I find myself trying all the different ways to get what I want and am sometimes not even successful with that.

      On that note, I am currently trying to find out how many opens/clicks/etc. there are for an email we sent twice. However, I only want the numbers for the second send. So far, I've been able to create a "was delivered email" smart list, but that doesn't tell me who opened/clicked. Side note: I SWEAR this was previously available and has now disappeared.


      PS We do not have RCA and we are not connected to a CRM. In case that matters in your answer!
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          There isn't an easy way to get this report because the analytics in Marketo are oriented around leads rather than emails.

          RCA has some options that you won't be able to use in your case.

          If you know when the second email send went out, you might make a smartlist or report on "was delivered on __ date (or within x days) and opened email in last x days.  This may not be 100% accurate but it will be close.
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            Hi Jaime,

            I am in your exact same shoes - headed to grad school, leaving my company and really wanting to give them some standardization/explanation for how the heck to make each report they need. And I'm feeling the frustration too!

            We don't have RCA and our CRM is very unique, so I don't have any functionality there. I don't have an answer for you...but I can comiserate and subscribe for others' wisdom!
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              Michelle Tiziani
              I have to admit it's a pain too. I have to submit a report mid month and I have to use a combination of the following mostly 1-4:
              1)The email campaign tab
              2)In the analytics: email performance report
              3)In the analytics: email link performance report
              4)Google Analytics
              5)Sometimes the Smart list and results tab if we need the actual names.

              It probably takes me longer to send a report because I do it this way, but I don't want to just send reports without analyzing trends. I always get questions, which I do appreciate because it means they're looking at my reports.    I just wish there was an easier way to see everything in one place.  Make the leads and those who clicked on a link stats clickable and exportable. That would make my life easier. 

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                     If anyone agrees, can you please "Like" my Idea to at least make this an option again.


                     Thank you!