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Integration with 3rd party CMS and lead/page scoring

Question asked by 38247 on Jul 2, 2013
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Hello everyone, 

I am about to start integration between Marketo and 3rd party CMS.

Basically we want to have page scores, for every page generated by in our CMS. At first, I thought that tracking those pages with the Munchkin JS code will be enough – the script will track the pages views, place the cookies, and I’ll be able to set score on every tracked page in Marketo later. When a lead hits that page, it will take the score of the page and will do the math needed with the lead accumulated score. That seems not the case tough, considering the pages are in the CMS, not in Marketo, am I correct?

The other way of accomplishing this is that we set the page score within the CMS itself, for every page (via special page field), and on every page load, we should call Marketo API either with Munchkin JS or SOAP, and send the new lead score with the lead id. I am afraid that this is not good enough tough – we have customers (us included) with millions of page loads a day, so the API limit will stop us – first we need to get the actual accumulated lead score, do the math based on the current page on our side, and send the new value for this lead and id. And that for every page, seems like a performance bottleneck to me..
Similar is the case with Forms and Files – we basically want all forms and files to reside in the CMS and to have scores (on form submit/file download), so that the designers prepare everything in the CMS only.

Can you please bring your perspective on how this scenario can be accomplished? Am I wrong that the Munchkin code tracks all the pages, but we are not able to set scores on external to marketo pages, that are still tracked with the Munchkin JS?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best wishes,