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    Known visitor Report


      I am trying to get a sense of how many known visitors our corporate website has had over the course of a quarter. Do you have any tips on how i can go about this? 


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          You can create a smart list with the Visited Web Page filter and the Date of Activity constraint for the desired timeframe.  The Landing Page Performance report can give you this, but only for Marketo landing pages.
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            You can of course also create a Web Page Activity report for the time frame This / Last Quarter. RIght?
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              Adam, you're absolutely right.  I decided not to mention that as an option because it doesn't lend itself to a quick count of the number of visitors like the smart list would.  It is a great report to dive deeper into the visits though (screen shot of the report below). 

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                Thanks guys, what I am looking to generate is a list of the Anonymous visitors that were later converted into known visitors. Is that even feasible w/i Marketo?
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                  Nora Slattery
                  Hi Gio,

                  I don't think there is a "native" way to do this but we do this on a smaller scale using a triggered smart campaign (that syncs to SFDC).

                  It took us a bit of time of figure it out because it includes multiple components but I will attempt to explain here.

                   - Our lead scoring is set-up such that leads cannot drop below 0.
                   - Our lead scoring is set up so that it will only increment when someone interracts with Marketo in a way that would cookie/track them.

                  So I guess you'd need to see if this works in your organisation.

                  Secondly, The smart campaign is triggered when someone who is KNOWN goes from 0 to greater than 0 (at least their lead score does). And it only allows them to run through the campaign once.

                  Thirdly, we sat with our team and decided that we wanted this on a weekly basis, so after 7 days these guys are removed from the campaign - but you could set this up on a quarterly basis etc.

                  This does have limitations ofcourse. If our SFDC has duplicates, and occasionally I run into anomalies that I'm able to track and figure out but for us it has worked 90-95% accurately.

                  However, this worked because of the way our lead scoring was set-up initially we just spent a little time tweaking :)

                  Warm regards,
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                    If you have RCA, you can use the Revenue Stage Was Changed filter with the "Old Value is Anonymous" and "New Value is Known" constraints. 

                    Otherwise, you can create a smart campaign that adds anonymous leads to a List using the trigger Visits Web Page and the filter Is Anonymous "True".  Then create a smart campaign that removes leads from the list using the trigger Lead is Created. Then create a smart list that shows the leads that were removed from the List using the Removed from List filter.
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                      Thanks guys! This was truly helpful.